Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Family Pictures, January 2013

Tonight must be the night that I catch up on all the random posts I've been missing! 
Let's git er' done!

So, my wonderful friend Denise took some family photos for us back in... JANUARY
Holy Smokes, that feels like an eternity ago! I saved them onto Tyler's computer and then completely forgot about them! 

Funny story- I was so grumpy this day.
It was rainy and gloomy.
No-one seemed to be cooperating.
I had tried on too many scenerios of clothes not really digging any of them.
And did I mention it was rainy? I don't like rainy pictures. I like sunshiny pictures!
I don't know how Denise managed to work with us on this day, but she did! 
Thank you Denise!
 photo rainyday011_zpseb4729a2.jpg
I really like this one... even Rachel's expression. 
Funny girl.
 photo rainyday066_zpsf674a860.jpg
And this one! YES! This one!
My favorite of them all!
 photo rainyday070_zpse2f2bbe5.jpg
If you don't smile for Mommy in these pictures, Daddy will eat your GUTS!!!!
 photo rainyday111_zpsbdbbfcb3.jpg
Me and my Man- oh how I love him.
This was during our post deployment honeymoon phase.
And little did we know that there was a twinkle in my eye and a little piece of heaven growing in my tummy already. :)
 photo rainyday122_zpsfbfc1964.jpg
Miss Rachel being a goofball! 
 photo rainyday140_zpsb6e2e61a.jpg
Sweet Maggie being sweet...
 photo rainyday173_zps9b567957.jpg


Anonymous said...

The photos from these last few posts are spectacular! You have such a beautiful family! You guys are awesome! :)

Josh and Denise said...

I feel famous :) Y'all are so beautiful! Even in the rain and sour moods, y'all look amazing! I love my little (expanding) Payne Family!