Sunday, July 21, 2013

Texas Wildflowers

I just love Texas wildflowers... I'm not sure there are any that compare.
Okay, okay, I'm sure there are some that compare out there somewhere. 
But, TEXAS ones are exceptionally special to this Texas girl!
 photo DSC_3568_zpsa534ac3c.jpg
They found a ladybug...
 photo DSC_3561_zpsc195a46a.jpg
This is Maggie saying, "He's soooo CUTE!!!"
 photo DSC_3549_zps6818b7e7.jpg
I was so happy that they found that little ladybug... it made for some beautiful pictures. 
 photo DSC_3539_zps069cde44.jpg
I love seeing wonder and discovery in a photo. It makes me sooooooo happy!!!
 photo DSC_3523_zpsa524e18f.jpg
Maggie warmed up and finally let the ladybug crawl on her...
 photo DSC_3515_zpsddcbbbf8.jpg
Do you like to find ladybugs in fields of wildflowers too? 
We do!
 photo DSC_3512_zps063fa16c.jpg


Sarah said...

Hey Jess! I just love your girls and your photography!! These pictures are beautiful!

Can't wait for a boy to join the mix :)

Rifka Jensen said...

Gosh! I love your photos! Too cute! Also, girl you are rockin the cross fit! I feel inspired to go work out just from reading your blog. :)

Mary Anne said...

Oh my! I love these! Texas does have some pretty great wildflowers (and now I know because you told me so)!