Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Happy Cow Appreciation Day! 
Did you know that if you dress up like a cow on "Cow Appreciation Day" that Chick-fil-a will give you a free value meal?!?
It's true. You can go for every meal if you want to!
 photo DSC_5703_zps9efade83.jpg
 photo DSC_5714_zpse4ff703d.jpg
Maggie Moooooo was on board! hehe!
 photo DSC_5725_zps358b5781.jpg
She looks way too grown up in these pictures! 
Must be those platform Cinderella flip-flops!
 photo DSC_5728_zps8e33712c.jpg
Tyler (graciously) dressed up like a cow too... he didn't say it but I'm pretty sure he was diggin it! haha!
 photo DSC_5733_zpsc1680a5e.jpg
I was pretty proud of my signs! Thanks Sarah for the awesome idea! ;)
 photo DSC_5734_zpsf7a66c8b.jpg
I really love Chick-fil-a... seriously, I love it.
I hadn't been in like 4 months believe it or not... and it tasted good!
 photo DSC_5740_zps10ce7261.jpg
Proof that I was a pregnant cow! hahahaha! Oh dear, that was funny.
 And it also made me feel like crying.
I promise there's a baby boy growing in my belly and not in my cheeks (sheesh, let the third trimester swelling begin!)... and he liked the Chick-fil-a dinner too!
 photo DSC_5746_zps18edd916.jpg

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