Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Little Firecrackers

Our neighborhood has a little 4th of July day parade every year. 
Thankfully we found out about it the night before! Sure glad we didn't miss out!
 photo DSC_5583_zps5f3c44b9.jpg
Happy 4th!
 photo DSC_5589_zpsa31ad027.jpg
"Smile for a picture!"
Of course for Rachel "smile for a picture" means this... every single time. haha! 
 photo DSC_5590_zps3f3ffaf6.jpg
It was a small little parade... people decorated their bikes, strollers, and even their doggies...
 photo DSC_5596_zpsa850cb2e.jpg
Maggie is addicted to dogs... all kinds. 
I want a family dog sooooo bad! Always have... I think we're getting close... maybe... I hope... probably not.. probably so... 
As you can see this is a conflicted  issue.
 photo DSC_5600_zps4efd5cfa.jpg
Happy Birthday America!!! 
Smile for me!!!
love the enthusiasm... the life of a Mommy photographer...
 photo DSC_5611_zpsc0a02772.jpg
At the end of the parade they gave out free hot dogs, sodas, chips, and ice cream! YAY!
 photo DSC_5618_zps17e8353f.jpg
It was a marvelous, low key, July 4th. 
The girls and I played and Daddy worked on bunk beds in the garage...
Just another day in paradise.
 photo DSC_5638_zpsf6cc19c4.jpg
This is how Maggie eats her ice cream...
We keep telling her it's not a great idea, but she is just so excited to get 
to the cone that she can't help herself!
 photo DSC_5654_zpsea9b9aa9.jpg
Funny girl!
 photo DSC_5655_zps88e98c08.jpg
That's one way to get the job done.
 photo DSC_5665_zps71408b97.jpg
We hope you all had a fabulous holiday! 
Freedom isn't Free.
God Bless America.
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Anonymous said...

Your girls are insanely cute! Happy 4th of July!! :)