Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Few Bluebonnet Pictures before the Sun Goes Down

We procrastinated bluebonnet pictures until the 
very end this year. But we still managed to get a few! 
 photo DSC_1727_zpsdcb56092.jpg
What did Maggie find? Whatever it was, it was interesting! haha!
 photo DSC_1745_zps04714a66.jpg
There is a lot of love going on in this picture! 
Kissy, Kissy!
 photo DSC_17338_zps247a58af.jpg
I stressed over getting an awesome shot of Maggie in the bluebonnets like I had done with Rachel the year before... my Mommy plan was to frame them side by side. But you know how Mommy plans go... you win some, you lose some. These need more sunshine to me. The sun went down before I was ready! I hate it when that happens.
 photo DSC_1871_zpsd6d9bfb9.jpg
Regardless, they're still adorable. 
Please stop growing right now.
  photo DSC_1797_zps0f702423.jpg
This little grin makes me so happy! Glad I caught that one! 
Maybe next year all my bluebonnet picture dreams will come true! And our boy will be here! 
Oh, it's gonna be fun! ;)
 photo DSC_1872_zps7990dbd4.jpg

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Mary Anne said...

I think they're beautiful! I know what you mean...sunshine does good things to photos when used the right way, but I still like those sweet ones of Maggie! Such a cute family!