Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quiet Time

To say we have "naptime" every day would definitely be a stretch.
Like a really big stretch.
It's more of an enforced quiet time.
 Like "if you come out of that room you'll regret it" type enforcement.
Like "mommy needs a timeout right now" enforcement.
Sounds bad, but it's the truth.
Yesterday, I heard Maggie leave the girls room and go into my room (where Rachel "sleeps"). I didn't mind because naptime was just about over and they were being quiet.
Then I heard lots of giggling and decided to try and spy on my girls...
 photo DSC_5768_zpsabcd168b.jpgI've been spotted! Totally wouldn't make it as a spy.
 photo DSC_5769_zps6c0dc590.jpg
Cheers for quiet time... mixed with a few giggles! ;)

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