Friday, August 2, 2013


While Tyler went to some training, the girls and I hit the road to Weatherford to play with family.
Uncle Joseph and Teancum both work at a gymnastics place called Maverick and guess what...?
They got us in FOR FREE! Yay!
The girls had a blast jumping around for a while. Thanks guys!
 photo DSC_5849_zps2e17368e.jpg
The castle playplace was a hit!
 photo DSC_5854_zpsb98a582c.jpg
Rachel's cheesy grin...
 photo DSC_5863_zps99fa9654.jpg
I just like this picture... I think it's the combination of the air-time and ponytail... yep, that and she's cute. ;)
 photo DSC_5871_zpsb60d9122.jpg
Really, really cute.
 photo DSC_5880_zps1017d82c.jpg
And then Rachel cracked her toenail almost all the way down to the bottom... Aw man...
 photo DSC_5884_zps1a284d0d.jpg
It was dramatic, so I took a picture. ;)
She survived and even got up and kept jumping!
It was pretty gross though!
 photo DSC_5885_zps3549d06b.jpg
All in all- A WONDERFUL outing! 
Nothing like foam cubes, a castle, and a zillion trampolines to make a kid happy. ;)
 photo DSC_5889_zpsc7366be7.jpg

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