Sunday, August 4, 2013

S'mores and Little Girl Wishes

The girls have been begging me to make s'mores lately.
While we were in Weatherford, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. 
Plus, everybody could enjoy.
"I got this Grandma..."
 photo DSC_5891_zps7394236e.jpg
I like to look at her cheeks in this picture... full of chocolate.
 photo DSC_5892_zps982f205e.jpg
First bite...
 photo DSC_5897_zpsfd98e6ee.jpg
I like making my girls wishes come true. Even if it's just s'mores and even if it turns out messy. :)
 photo DSC_5903_zps8c471151.jpg
Being a Mom means that almost every activity ends up with one big mess. 
Especially s'mores. 
And especially if your girls decide that all they really like is the chocolate in the middle. 
It was worth it.
 photo DSC_5907_zps7e37521e.jpg

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