Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Fence

Rachel is a climber. Seriously the girl loves to climb! When there aren't any climbing trees her size around, she resorts to the fence. I've caught her all the way up on the fence, straddling it, and jumping over to the other side. She absolutely loves to stand up there and watch cars and people go by. 
Tyler added some extra stones to the top to the stone pile so that Maggie could get up there too.
Good idea? 
I'm not convinced. 
But Maggie sure enjoyed herself up there!
 photo DSC_6203_zps2f2335a3.jpg
Oh this picture! 
Warms my Mommy heart.
I love happy girls...
 photo DSC_6204_zps32ea52ae.jpg
Sisters are the PERFECT best friend.
 photo DSC_6217_zpscb736b81.jpg

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Sarah said...

Great pictures! What camera do you use? And what do you use to edit them?