Friday, August 3, 2012

Good Morning California!

I had been planning this trip for long time. Quite frankly, trips are what the girls and I do. I crave the open road, adventure, something outside the normal day-to-day, and something to make the time go a little faster. The closer our trip got, the more wishy-washy I became wondering if it would be as grand as I thought it would be. Let me tell you something- it was. 
My Aunt Tricia, since I can remember, as always lived in San Diego. Far from the rest of the Barrow family. Which means that we saw their family mostly for the occasional holiday trip and family reunions. I was a little worried how our families would mix and how much my two crazy kids would disrupt their routines. However, as soon as I got off the plane I knew it was going to be great. How did I know? Let me show you...  

 I mean, look at this look on Cody's face...priceless...
Rachel and Maggie were so excited to play with Cody and Jayce! I think it surprised Cody how much my little girls loved him. Some of my girls favorite people in the world are their uncles Joseph and Teancum. I knew Cody wouldn't be any different...
They loved playing in their beautiful little backyard. Oh my goodness people it was 75 degrees outside,
It was heaven.
Look at these two cuties playing...
Rachel and Maggie sure were soaking up every little bit of attention! They would play out on the trampoline all day if it meant Cody and Jayce were out there too!
hahaha... She did this often. 
Yes darlin', the net will all of you in- even your mouth!
Our first morning in San Diego, Jayce and Rachel went to the backyard and gathered a beautiful little California bouquet together. 
Good morning California, I think we're going to be good friends.


Sutherland Family said...

Love it! Love it! LOVE IT! It leaves me hungry for more! Oh, I plan to steal so many pictures from your blog...hope that's okay.... I can't wait to show Cody this blog post! Yes indeed, our families mixed just fine, with the exception of Jayce's occasional PMS moments! Miss you!!

Mary Anne said...

Oh so fun! What a great experience for you to go. You are adventurous! And California looks good on you and your girls :)