Sunday, August 5, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Take a look at who the Padres are playing... yep the Astros! Looks like we've got ourselves a little family feud! As you all know, I'm a Houston girl and a Astros fan. This is going to be a fun game!   
We had AWESOME seats. 
How did they know I've been dying to go to a ballgame? I'm used to the nosebleed section, so for me this was seriously cool. 
Cody and Jayce... Padre fans to the core...
We got a babysitter for the night and headed to the game. There were many moments during the game where I just sat there thinking, "I am in California. (pause) My kids have a babysitter. (pause) And I am at the ballpark with my family. (pause)" Just taking it all in.
 I just don't know how to explain it, and I don't think the Sutherland family will ever know what they did for the girls and I during those two and a half weeks. Whatever worries I may have had before, seemed to have disappeared altogether during that ballgame.
Guess who won? 
The Astros. 
Sorry guys, I had to rub it in just a little. ;)

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Mary Anne said...

Well I'm sure glad you got to go! Sounds like it was good for your soul :) Go Astros!