Friday, August 31, 2012

Olympics Kick-off Pool Party!

Nothing makes Rachel happier than going to the pool and having lots of people to play with! I was so excited to go spend some time with my California cousins...   
Rachel had a grand time playing with all the big kids! haha! 
Looks like you missed the ball and it bounced off your head! 
There was lots of good food, good company, and of course with the Olympics, good entertainment. 
It was a great time!
Ice cream sandwhiches in the pool! Now that's a party!
I love this picture...
Thanks for having us over guys! It was a blast.
Don't you just love how Maggie and Tyler are looking at eachother over there? I think my kids love hanging with the cousins too! I think they're ready for a few more little playmates... hint, hint wink, wink! 

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Sutherland Family said...

Just eatin it all up! And you're not even done yet! Man, we had a good time!