Friday, July 1, 2011

15 minutes before church

We have 9 o' clock church, which in my opinion is the BEST!  Mostly because it's not it the middle of nap-time or lunch.  That being said, getting to church on time becomes more difficult, especially when you have two cute little girls.  So rushing out the door I grab my camera, throw a quilt on the grass, and plop the babies down in the middle of it.  As soon as this happens somebody (not naming names) gives me the look and tells me church starts in 15 minutes.  I am fully aware of this, however, are you fully aware that Rachel is going to rip the adorable headband off her head and Maggie is going to spit up all over her dress in the next 5 minutes?  I just can't help myself. We did however walk into sacrament meeting right when the opening song began.  Not too shabby.  But next week we will definitely be there ON time. Thank goodness my husband loves me.      







So, what do you think?  Was it worth being late?  
I think so.


Devin said...

i agree!! worth being late. you do awesome work jess! wish you were here to do newborn shots of little man. have fun! miss you. love ya

J. Phelps-Hillen said...

Jess, Rachel looks JUST like you! And they are too cute in those dresses. Totally worth taking a moment to capture it, in my opinion :)

Mary Anne said...

WORTH IT! Such cute dresses! Looks like they're good for twirling in, too :) Did you make them? Just wondering since it had the matching headband. So cute.

Pop and Nana said...

Yeah more baby pictures!! A precious moment in time. Besides the church will go on and is still true even if you are a bit late.

Sale Fails said...

Worth it! They are adorable.

Sutherland Family said...

Definitely! And you got there for the opening song...which is before the were WAY on time :).

Jeni said...

What adorable dresses!! Did you make them, Jess? Your girlies are ADORABLE!!!! I sure love them!! I notice that the person whose name you didn't name joined in the fun. Did you twist his arm?...... :0)

BTW, i would answer your question, but I am not qualified because my family is late for EVERYTHING. I try so super hard, I really do!! I don't know how I qualify as a Payne. Haha!!