Tuesday, July 26, 2011

take two

I'm on a roll.

When Tyler is away, I seem to forget to take myself to bed.  Instead of doing something more worthwhile, I tootle around looking at fun projects to do. This is something I need to work on. 
However, I found something that I would definitely categorize as worthwhile. It's another sunday project!!!  

I am going to kick some sacrament meeting butt this week, let me tell ya! 

This one was way quicker than the last one! All you need is a skinny binder, clear sheet protectors, old Friend magazine issues, and dry erase crayons...
These suckers are so cool! Yes, dry erase crayons! wipe on, wipe off
Now, if you don't have any Friend magazines don't fret because I didn't either! They are all online! YES! just go here.
This one was fun.  I made a coloring page out of one of Rachel's pictures! If you want to do know how to do that go here. This is also that site where I found the idea! Thank goodness for creative people, why didn't I think of this?
There are so many fun activities in these magazines. And for all ages!  They have crossword puzzels, word find it thingys, and word unscrambler thingys.  I put a couple of the hard ones in for me.... hey, sometimes I need an activity too, especially during some of those high priests talks... did I just say that?
How awesome is that?  Find King Lamoni's sheep! Yes, pure awesomeness. 
And that's it.

Easy peesy lemon squeezy! Now go make one! 


Cari said...

Jessica, your projects are AWESOME!! I love them!!!

Mary Anne said...

You've done it again my friend! Purely amazing! I think I might be able to tackle this one...thank you for sharing your ideas and projects. I need to be more creative with my time.

erica said...

Keep these AMAZING ideas coming! I LOVE them! And you :)

erica said...

Ah! The links didn't work :( Can you text them to me please? Thanks!