Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy's Girl

I can't believe that I can actually remember this, I must have been around five years old... Anyway, I remember asking my Daddy if we could get married when I grew up.  He said no, he was married to Mommy.  Then I asked him if he loved Mommy more than me.  He said yes, he will always love Mommy most. I was devastated.  How could he love anyone more than me?  I mean, I loved him more than anyone else.  He then told me that one day I would meet my sweetheart and I would love him most.  I sort of understood.  
I am and will always be a Daddy's girl.  I remember doing just about everything together growing up.  I loved going on long drives with my Dad, playing catch, and going fishing.  He is my biggest fan and I can't remember a single volleyball match, softball game, or wrestling tournament where he wasn't there routing me on.  I told him everything; my hopes, my dreams... and he always helped me make them come true.  He was my very best friend, that is until I met Tyler Payne.  Now I completely understand.  I love him most.   

These two men have been my everything. I have and continue to learn so much from them.  They are amazing fathers. Thank you for always making my dreams come true.    

Happy Father's Day!

Sorry Pop, I didn't get this in the mail fast enough.  This will have to do... WE LOVE YOU!!!Photobucket


Pop and Nana said...

My Jessica and Lil' Mike adventures will spice my dreams forever, like a never ending crawfish boil. Now I have two little cayenne peppers to push my joy over the top! Your Daddy will always love you!

Anonymous said...

This is seriously a sweet post Jess! :) I'm glad you have two such wonderful fathers in your life!! Have a great day!

Sutherland Family said...

What a cool brother I have! And what a cool husband you have! You are one blessed girl!!