Monday, October 31, 2011

Footie Pajamas

It's time to pull out the warm jammies again! Switching out to warm clothes is such a pain! I have to pull out every tub of clothes from 12 months to 5T and figure out what the girls can fit into.  Yes, you heard me, 5T! Rachel actually fits into a 5T sweater. Of course it was baggy, but I like baggy especially when it comes to winter sweaters. But despite the hassle of crawling through storage and going through clothes, they sure look cute in their footie pajamas! 

Can't believe how big these girls are getting! They are really starting to play well together.  How fun to have a sister!   


Anonymous said...

So basically, we've been wearing footie pajamas since like August! Good grief! But your girls are definitely the cutest!! :) And I can't believe how big they are!! Have a good Halloween!

Kate said...

I love footied pajamas. I thought it was the funniest thing when I was little to slide around the floor and build up a lot of static, then go shock my dad. You're girls are so cute!