Friday, October 7, 2011

the bathroom stool

I caught Maggie up on the bathroom stool the other day.  I didn't know she could get up there, but she can now! And it's her new favorite spot.     

"Hello little girl, what are you doing?"
"Oh, I see.  You're up on the stool. My goodness, look how tall you are! But, little girl, do you know how to get down?"
"hmmm... I didn't think so."(insert poor crying Maggie on the floor picture here... {really you're disappointed that I didn't include that picture?  What kind of Mother do you think I am? haha.}
"It's alright little girl, we'll just have to work on that one together."


Unknown said...

It's like your kids were meant to pose for beautiful pictures. She's adorable! And I hope she learns how to get down soon :)

Mary Anne said...

Oh getting down. It's just so much different than getting up. The mental picture was possibly just as good as the real thing! :)