Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Fluffy

Did I just hear a "chirp,chirp" coming from the incubator?  Yes, Yes I did!  They hatched!, well some of them.  Only about half of the ones that hatched survived.  Chicks sure are fragile little guys.  For some reason I imagined the whole process to be cute and fluffy, but that certainly wasn't the case.  It was more like slimy and stinky with a little fluffy at the end. "It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE!" (name that movie!)

See what I mean... slimy!  Let's just do one slimy picture, shall we?

Time for fluffy!  I just love the looks on Rachel's face!  They're actually genuine expressions, instead of her cheesy "I'll give you a piece of candy if you smile at the camera" smiles... but I love those ones too. :)  






Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I would love a project like that!! :) And Rachel's face is just priceless! By-the-way, the movie is Despicable Me!

And I am sooo jealous of your beautiful Spring weather lookin' pictures! We're still covered in snow! :(

Mary Anne said...

So cute! Her expressions are priceless. How fun to have baby chicks to hold all day :) I love Rachel's hair...she is too cute!

Oh yeah, and Despicable Me. LOVE that part.

Unknown said...

You have an incredibly adorable daughter! She looks so happy all the time I love it!

Sutherland Family said...

She has the most precious smile! And you're right, her expressions were so genuine!! What a fun experience for her. You are lucky to live out in that Texas country!

Jeni said...

Oooooh sooooooo cute!!!!! What beautiful pics, Jess!!

Mark Sutherland said...

Hey Jess,
These pictures of Rachel remind me of the duck and about 10 baby ducklings I saw crossing our very busy road next to another even more busy road at 7:00 on Saturday morning. They made it across the street safely but then the mother duck jumped up the curb but none of the ducklings could jump that high. So I had to back up my car from the left hand turn lane (without hitting the car behind me) into the right hand turn lane, put on my flashers and get out and help the little ducklings up the curb. The mother was quite upset about the whole thing. Happy ending though.