Friday, April 8, 2011

My Sunshine

My little ray of sunshine is two years old.

To my Rachel Lynn:

I love it when your pigtails go crazy after you wake up from a nap. It is so cute. 
I love it when I find your animals and princesses all lined up on window sills. 
I love it when the first thing you remember in the morning is lipgloss.  Yes, I said you could have some more today. You never forget a promise.  
I love it when you run to me every time "a bad lady" comes on TV.  Ursula is the scariest. 
I love it when I rock you to sleep and you ask for a princess song.  After a few of those I say, "It's Jesus's turn" and you say, "okay".
I love how you're always telling me to "come here!". haha
I love your chocolate brown eyes. We are brown eyed girls. :)
I love it when you say, "Maggie Moo!" and kiss your sister. 
I love it when you beg to get up on the trampoline and as soon as you do, you want the swing instead.
I love it when you ask me to draw tiny hearts and big hearts while I massage your back.
I love how you love to lick your finger and stick it in the sugar container.
I love it when you ask for your sunglasses every time we go for a car ride. 
I love it when every time you see a big building you shout out, "TEMPLE!"
I love it when I catch you trying on my shoes, putting on my jewelry, and trying to rub my deodorant into your armpits.
I love how you always "sustain" or "oppose" people at church. hilarious! 
I love it when I come to get you from your crib in the morning and you announce, "I TOOTED! I POOPED!" Then as I change your diaper I say, "Rachel, you pooped?", and then you laugh and say "NO!" hahahaha. You fooled me!
I love it when you giggle every time Maggie spits up. 
I love it when you use "Ahhh" to emphasize everything! Ahh-Apple! Ahh-Milk! Ahh-Stuck Ahh-Mommy!
I love running my fingers through your soft, baby fine hair.
I love it when you think that wearing ponytails on your wrists in fashionable.
I love the look of concentration on your face.
I love it when you wrap your arms and legs around me when you give hugs!! Especially when your in the shopping cart at the grocery store.  You think that if you hug me long enough I'll let you out.  It works sometimes. haha... What can I say? I'm a sucker.
I love it when you fold your arms for prayers.
I love it when you DANCE!  Your little booty cracks me up.
I love how excited you get to sing, "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home..."
I love it when you ask to cuddle or rock.
I love it when you sit in my lap and we read books together.
I love it when you call everyone in for "scripture powder" time at night instead of "scripture power" time.  
I love your big, bright smile! It really does brighten my day. 
I love it when we go on our "Target dates" and you ask for popcorn.
I love your KISSES.
I love it when you run after the chickens in the pasture and yell, "Beek-a-bok!"  (I think that sounds better than "bok-bok" too)
I love how you are such a water baby!  Rain, sprinklers, hose, bath, faucets... you love it all.
I love it when you say please and thank you.
I love how everytime I cry you look into my eyes and with a very worried look on your face and say, "Mommy, Mommy" followed by a big hug.  
I love how you LOVE country music and wearing cowgirl boots.  I need to get you some of your own one day.
I love how you say "Gig'em!" and make a pistol because you can't do a thumbs up.
I love it when you meet new friends and give them lots and lots of hugs. Sometimes maybe a little too many... haha
I love it when you want out of timeout and give me a really pitiful smile and "sorry".
I love your little run.  Dang girl, you can make time! 
I love it when you tell me you love me.  That is the BEST.

Happy Birthday my Sunshine!   







William said...

I love it all too....
Love, Grandma

Mary Anne said...

Awww! Happy Birthday Rachel! What a sweet tribute to your BIG GIRL! Love those pictures. The one of her and Maggie where Maggie seems to be in a chokehold...priceless. We have one of Sadie and Canon like that, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Rachel! :) I can't believe how grown up she looks and how big she's getting! :) You're such a great mom Jess!

Megan said...

I loved it all, what a sweet post. I know she will love reading this when she is older. You are such a good mama!

Sutherland Family said...

Oh man, oh man, oh man! They are both SO cute!!! I love how little Rachel's personality comes through in your beautiful photography!

Pop and Nana said...

We are the luckiest Pop and Nana around. Your post was fairdinkim awesome! Jess your our sunshine and Lil'Rach and Maggie are the sunbeams of there Mom! Love ya lots and lots!

Cari said...

She is gorgeous Jessica! She is getting so big!! Your post almost made me cry. It is so sweet. She will appreciate it so much when she gets older. Miss y'all!

Unknown said...

That's so sweet! Rachel sounds like she's grown into such an amazing little girl! I can't believe she's already 2! I hope she had a great birthday!

Sale Fails said...

I love what you wrote and the trampoline pics are too cute!

Kate said...

Two?!? It doesn't seem possible. She is simply adorable. How fun to be a mom.

Caitlin (& Billy) said...

Jessica! I LOVE your blog. Rachel is such a cutie oh my goodness. I always make Billy read your posts with me because I love showing him how cute your little girlies are! Rachel will love reading this someday. I am excited for the day (a long time from now...) that I will get to be a mom! Love ya cuz :)