Sunday, April 24, 2011

Super Dad

There is nothing a Daddy can't do.  Seriously, they have a special Daddy-power. That's what I always thought growing up.  I remember thinking nothing is cooler, stronger, faster, funnier, smarter than my Dad.  I remember a conversation in elementary school going something like this... 
Some kid: "My Dad has a cooler car than your Dad."
Some other kid: "Oh yeah? My Dad is has a cooler job than your Dad"
Me: "Well, my Dad can beat up all your Dads!" 
True story.
I also remember being really bummed when someone told me that I couldn't be a Daddy  when I grew up.  I didn't get it. Why the heck not? ... haha... oh well, being a Mommy is pretty cool too. 

Anyway, this was one of those Daddy-power moments.  Tyler decided it was high time Nana and Pop had a swing for the grandkids in the backyard.  He was so gunghoe about it that even though it had gotten dark by the time we got home from Lowes, he put it up anyway.  I must admit that I was getting a little nervous.  But, he made it out of the tree with no broken bones! Yeah! (Although, broken bones would have made a good blog post too! haha. just kidding!) Maybe I'm just speaking for this Mommy, but you're not going to find me climbing that tree!  I definitely would have fallen.  Sometimes I try, but there really isn't any replacing that Daddy-power.  

It was high!


A game Tyler and Rachel have... try to kick Daddy in the face... trust me it's a form a affection for these two...




Best swing ever...


William said...

SHEEE WHIZ!!! That's a crazy high swing. It scares me and I'm a couple of hundred miles away.

Josh and Jill said...

Love it! I completly agree Daddys have super powers! Looks like a fun swing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is AWESOME! Haha, I could totally see Nate doing that as well! He is constantly taking on projects that scare me! :) It looks like Rachel really loves it though! Good job Dad!!

Sale Fails said...

HOLY CRAP that is high! LOL! But it looks like an awesome swing, and look at her amazing smiles!!!

Megan said...

love daddy's! I love the pictures. I just got your message on FB, I would still love for you to do our pictures today...let me know the time and place and we are so there. I hope you get this sometime today...haha. You can give me a call at 832.876.1798

Mary Anne said...

Holy cow! Boys are so funny. That swing is CRAAAAAZY! Like crazy awesome. Cute pictures! I love that Rachel tries to kick his face.