Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Easter is my favorite.  I love the cheerful, bright colors.  I love the Texas wildflowers.  I love the weather.  I just love it.  But most of all I love how simple it is. Don't you think it's simple?  Simple and beautiful.  He is Risen!

We spent Easter in Houston this year. It was great getting to see these two for dinner! I LOVE my Grandma and Grandpa Barrow!  I was so grateful they can up to the North-side to visit us. I love this picture of the two of them... 

Rachel and Maggie with their great-grandparents (how cool is that?)...don't mind Rachel, she was at the end of her rope...

Tyler and I made pizza for dinner... we are getting dang good at pizza, it looked so delicious I had to get a picture...


Pop and Maggie


I don't know why but I love this picture... Mom and her big picnic bag, Dad with the cooler... off to the Easter egg hunt!

This was the only egg Rachel "hunted".  I tried, really I did, but she just wanted to play on the playground...

Our Maggie-Moo in her Easter dress...    

I was the lucky one holding Maggie during these pictures.  Whoever is holding her always gets a good shot!  That beautiful baby can make anyone look good! :)

Mom and Dad (I love this picture of the two of them...)


 Family pictures... riiiiiiiiiiiight... Does three bad one equal one good one?    

That is it.  We'll try Easter dress pictures again this Sunday... hopefully we'll get more than three bad ones! (btw thanks Mom for the darling easter dresses! They were perfect!)


Devin said...

I don't think there is such a thing as a bad pic. of you guys! you're such a cute little family! miss you guys. love ya!

Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had a good Easter! :) And you look really cute in all of the pictures, even if the posing is a little different! ;) I love the girls' dresses by-the-way!!

Shelley said...

Your girls are so cute! I love their matching dresses.

Mary Anne said...

Love it! Your girls dresses are beautiful. Aren't family photos fun!? You guys still make it look good ;) And I don't have the same phone/phone number any more, so I definitely did not get your text. My sister has that phone now. I have a German phone. We need to talk, though! It has been way too long.

Sutherland Family said...

I just laughed and laughed at those family pictures! They're so cute even if not perfectly posed. They tell the whole story!! And I, too, loved the picture of my parents and your parents. Wow. I just looked at Mike and Rachel and felt such love for them. And you. It is such a treat to follow your blog!!

Sale Fails said...

The girls look adorable in their matching dresses! Love it!

Pop and Nana said...

I am so glad ya'll could come down for the Easter Holiday! Ya'll just bring Sunshine into the house. I love Rachel's happy running feet and Maggie's bright smiles. Thank you for spending the holiday with us. Love ya lots and lots!