Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Party Time!

First birthdays are always fun because the baby has no clue whats going on.  I love watching their little faces say, "I can really do that?" followed by, "Alright, nobody has to tell me twice!" as they demolish their cake.  Second birthdays are fun because the kiddo totally knows what's going on.  It was all about Miss Rachel, and she knew it.  Boy, did she soak it all up! 

This was hilarious!  Rachel couldn't quite figure out how to blow out her candles.  The same thing happened when we tried to blow dandelion flowers... she would go to blow out the candles and mimic everything we showed her except actually blowing.  Everyone couldn't stop laughing! This went on for about 5 minutes until Tyler got behind her and blew them out while she was performing.  She totally thought she did it. Funny Girl! 

The cake!  I was so proud of myself. I know it's no Cake Boss cake, but I sure liked it!  She loved the flower on top and all the colors inside.  She kept naming them off as she ate it. haha. 

My Happy HAPPY 2 year old... 

Look at that face!  She is definitely in princess-land.


James & Kristen said...

The pictures of her are adorable and I love the cake!!!

Sylvia said...

That is the cutest thing ever!! Look at how adorable she is!

And, great job on her're a cake boss in my book!!

Anonymous said...

She is just the cutest ever! :) And I think you did AWESOME on the cake! I've been wanting to do that! I'm glad everyone enjoyed Rachel's birthday!!

eden and david said...

Happy Birthday!!! She looks so much like you.

Unknown said...

Rachel is so adorable! And very impressive cake! :)

Cari said...

That cake is awesome.
She is so cute!!
Happy 2 year olds are a good thing too lol

Sutherland Family said...

Mark says "Jessica is just a really good photographer!" And you are! I love the action shots! Way to go on that awesome cake!! I especially love the last picture where she has cake all over her face! p.s. how fun that Tyler gets to spend SO much time with them. Love you guys!