Monday, February 25, 2013

Our New Swing

A whole new world has been opened to me as a mother of toddlers.
 It's called, fenced-in backyard. Holy Moses! A new world I tell you! I love wide-open spaces, but I must say with young children, backyards rule.
And we got a swing! Yea!
You can't tell how tall this tree is because of the lens I was using, but its tall. 
Come on Daddy! We're ready for this!
Sky high!
Just beautiful.
Pictures like this make me feel so blessed. 
What a beautiful life.


Josh and Denise said...

I love that swing in the sunset! It could be a poster for the American Dream.

Mary Anne said...

Oh Jess! What a BEAUTIFUL sunset/swing shot! And your teasers with the house got me so excited to see it! Your HOUSE! With a backyard and everything. I'm so happy for you.