Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kiss The Girl

Being girly comes so naturally for Miss Rachel. I mean, were does this come from? It certainly didn't come from me. I mean, look at her... her hand really does just lay like that. Haha!!!
I'm going to go ahead and tell a story. I promise it'll make you laugh.
Since moving to Austin, we've made new friends at church. 
One of Rachel's good friends is Max. They've played together several times. The first time we went over to Max's house, Max's older siblings come running into the kitchen to inform the adults that Rachel and Max kissed.
The horror.
I immediately took Rachel out for a talkin-to.
"Rachel, we DON'T kiss boys. Kissing boys is disgusting. Yucky yucky yucky!"
She is completely razzled. "Okay Mom."

Since that event, modesty and kissing have been a theme for our FHE lessons. 
Fast forward a couple weeks.
We see Rachel and Max playing in the backyard. Max has his hands on Rachel's shoulders and they're about to lean in for a kiss. Before it's too late I run outside... 
"What do you think you're doing?!!"
Another talkin-to- these don't seem to be working.
"Rachel, what did I tell you about kissing? Kissing boys is gross!"
Since that didn't seem to be enough last time, I go into more detail-
"Rachel, only if Daddy says it's okay and you grow up big and strong and the good boy takes you to the temple to get married is it okay to kiss."
Explaining seemed to help. 
Since then, and lots of reminders before going to play with Max, there have been no kissing accidents.       
Yesterday Rachel and I were talking and of course she brings up kissing. 
"Mom, when Max comes home from his mission and we get married, I'm going to kiss him."
trying to avoid the subject completely, and not wanting to get into this again I exclaim-
"Kissing is GROSS GROSS GROSS! Boys are yucky!" 
Can't that just be enough? I mean that worked for me pretty much all through high school.
Apparently not.
"No Mom, kissing is not gross. When you grow up and get married in the temple, kissing is just lovely." -her exact words
Mom rolls eyes... "Yeah? Well until then it's YUCKY!"
Rachel's first season of soccer begins next month. 
Thank goodness. Let's go kick a ball! Please, let's just go kick a ball!


Josh and Denise said...

That hilarious post is exactly what I needed as I'm sitting here on my lunch break. So great. I'm so glad you have this blog to look back on and laugh at many years down the road. You should look at this one right before she gets married.

Kate said...

Oh my! Thanks for sharing! Funny story. You can tell Miss Rachel Kate says kissing boys is really gross too!

Mary Anne said...

Dying of laughter! That is hilarious. Then it's "just lovely..." Oh man. Yay for soccer. :)