Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lovey Dovey

Tyler and I got invited to go to a military ball. In the National Guard, these things don't happen too often or if they do they are easily avoidable. Nevertheless, we decided to go!
I got to wear these puppies... 
And I got to wear this dress... yep, it's my prom dress. Don't judge. What else was I supposed to do with 2 weeks notice? Plus, it fit me. Boo-yah! In my opinion, that reason alone sold me on it.
And I got to go with this amazing man to a fancy dinner. 
I always felt like I was missing out not getting to go to these things. I mean, it was fun and all but next time I'll definitely be staying home in my basketball shorts if possible. haha! 
I feel so lucky that he is mine. 
Mine all mine. 
And let's not forget these two little rascals! 
Nothing makes me happier than getting to spend my days with my girls. 
Let's face it, it's not always a picnic. But I couldn't ask for a greater blessing.
Happy late Valentines Day to all!

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Josh and Denise said...

You look smokin!!! Lil skinny minnie over there!