Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just the Two of Us

A thought went through my mind today.  It was that I miss my brother.  He is my only sibling. It has always been just the two us. We were two peas in a pod for a long time.  And growing up, complete opposites. Just like two little girls I know. 
Mike has always been very introverted when it comes to his feelings.  If he was mad or sad you wouldn't be able to get anything out of him.  I remember him playing with his action figures for hours when we were little; his room was his favorite place to be. While I on the other hand have always been an open book.  If anythings the matter, you'll know- and I'll tell you the whole story.  And I thought my room was a prison and always needed a friend to play with. But, despite our different personalities we were the best of friends.  I think that's one very special thing about having a small family- your just so tight.  I remember missing him so much when I went off to college.  He is so hilarious and is the BEST at using one liners from movies- cracks me up every time. And although he has always been the strong, silent type, he is one heck of a leader. People just gravitate towards him and listen when he opens his mouth. 
He is currently serving his mission in San Jose, California, and he only has 4 months left.  I just love to read his letters.  Simply AMAZING.  They inspire me every week and give me the urge to get on the wrestling mat and work it out. I love him so much.  

These are for you Mike- 
    I found this picture today and couldn't stop laughing!  And you wonder why I'm so paranoid when Rachel gets her hair cut (haha, sorry Mom) And look at that cheesy smile, Holy Smokes! Mike looks completely adorable though...
hehe, so sweet. Love the crinkle nose. I guess that's where my girls get it from.  
 Getting big now... and look, still sportin the converse!
Hey Now!  Don't mess up my wedding hairdo! 
 First time to be Uncle Mike!   
Mission pictures are so fun.  Look at that clean-cut stud! And I love the Houston Temple doors... so cheerful and bright... I love my Temple. Yes, I said MY Temple. haha.

I love you brother!  I know I'm such a slacker at writing you! Please forgive me.  See you soon. 
Until then- TEAR 'EM UP out there!  

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Sutherland Family said...

He is definitely one amazing missionary! I can't believe he only has four months left! I hope he'll consider BYUI with Derek! You are a lucky sister!