Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Better Now

Most of the time those sweet, amazing, "that's why" moments come and go so fast that I forget to fully cherish them. I hate when that happens.  But sometimes those moments happen often enough that I get the chance to completely savor them.  
Frequently Rachel comes up to me fussing about some new owie she's gotten.  Oftentimes I can't even see the owie.  Sometimes I don't think there even is an owie.  But nevertheless Rachel will come up to me asking me to kiss it all better.  I ask her where the owie is and then give it a little kiss.  Afterwards Rachel will exclaim "All better now!" and scamper off.  
It is my favorite. I wish this stage could last forever.  

Even the smallest owies need a kiss...
Wrestle, kiss it better, wrestle some more.... it's what Daddies do. 
It's amazing what one little kiss can do. 

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