Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cub Scouts and Ducks

I love busy weekends. I love lazy weekends.  I love ALL weekends!

This last one was a busy one.  First it was working on the Cub Scout fundraiser, then it was going to the park to feed the ducks.  May not seem like such a busy weekend, but between preparing for and setting up the fundraiser, running errands, Tyler leaving, chasing after one baby and keeping another one entertained, working on a sharing time lesson, cleaning, feeding the ducks and playing at the park, a goodwill trip, and a McDonald's outing with some friends, it was quite a day.  

The fundraiser turned out pretty good (I think). It was my first one after all. Can you believe it cost 80 bucks to send your cub scout to day camp and they don't even provide lunch... lame huh? 
yum, doesn't that fruit look so pretty? (I chopped it... I know, go Jess! haha) 
There was a face painting booth... I bet you can guess where Rachel stayed the WHOLE time.  Rachel adores the Young Women in the ward and they love her too.  If you look close enough you'll see white marks on these girls (they're sisters, you can so tell right?) arms hands, and legs.  They were kind enough to let Rachel paint all over them.  She had just gotten started here, I wish I would have gotten an after picture... they were covered. Surprising enough Rachel didn't want her face painted, I guess she just wanted to do the painting.  I got a turquoise heart on my cheek. :) 
These ducks meant business!  I was kinda worried they'd attack Rachel at first, and you know Rachel, she'll walk right up to those suckers.  So I told her they'd bite her if she got too close.  Needless to say, she got the message and enjoyed the thrill of getting "too close". I love her expression here... watch out girlfriend, they'll gettcha! 
She also had to taste all the food I gave her to feed the ducks... yummm stale hot dog buns and cereal... 
An overexposed picture, but too cute to pass up...
I guess monkey bars are for hanging, not crossing. How long can you hang? 
And... I love weekends.  But I think I already said that.



Anonymous said...

Great job with the fundraiser! :) And it really sounds like y'all are headed for a WONDERFUL summer! Have fun with your little girlies!!

Mary Anne said...

Way to go YOU! Rachel eating that hot dog bun is too funny. I have to agree that Sadie and her would be good pals...getting as close to the ducks as possible. Those girls.