Monday, January 10, 2011

We love Gamma!!

Grandma Payne came to visit the girls and I last week.  We had so much fun going on walks, talking, and baking homemade bread. All Rachel wants to do these days is read books, and I'm pretty sure she read her about a million books while she was here. Rachel was in heaven. I felt so spoiled to get her all to myself! Even when we go up to Weatherford everyone is always competing for "mommy/grandma time".  So, I felt quite lucky. And being a Mom never felt so easy!  That is until she left, and reality set in. Oh dear. I guess she had to go home sometime right? 
Anyway, the girls and I loved having her, especially Miss Rachel.  She ran around saying "Gamma, Gamma" every time she wanted her attention.  I even caught her saying it this morning. Thank you Gamma for coming to visit us! 
(please excuse my blahness of my pictures lately, I'm stuck inside most of the time and still haven't figured out this whole indoor lighting thing!)   
We caught little miss Maggie sound asleep in this position... I think she must practicing her bungee jumping skills... thats my girl! 



Anonymous said...

How sweet! :) Maggie's either gonna bungee jump or be a gymnast! ;) Either way it's all kind of crazy and fun! Your kids are super cute!!

Glen and Kris Payne said...

I had a blast! Thanks for the memories... (sounds best when put to famous music). They are days I will treasure!

Love, Gamma

Mary Anne said...

I think your lighting looks fantastic! That picture of Maggie is the best! What a cutie she is. And yeah, bungee jumper or gymnast or something fun like that!

Okay so I think the time difference in 7 hours from here to Texas. If that's the case, then I could call you sometime between 9am to 2pm your time. That's like 4pm to 9pm here if I did the math right. I'll probably just try calling you tonight if that's okay. I hope I remember. That time of day for us is usually busy with making dinner, baths, betime routine, etc...but there's definitely room for a phone call in there!

Michelle and sometimes Jason said...

I totally think that Maggie is practicing her gymnastics landings. She has to start practicing hard and early if she is going to stick those landings. hehe