Friday, January 14, 2011

get this thing off my head

One of the first things that popped into my brain as soon as we found out Rachel was a girl---
 must. have. bows. 
It doesn't matter if you've got them dressed head to toe in pink, people still think they are boys. Come on people, PINK! jeez. Anyway, I figure a good 'ole Texas sized bow ought to do the trick. Plus, bows are too much fun.  So pretty.   
They say "choose your battles". Well, this is a battle I fight constantly. And I will continue to fight it gosh dang it! Rachel still rips bows off her head. Now, her little sister is jumping on the "get this thing off my head" bandwagon... 





Mary Anne said...

I know! I have friends who say that they put bows on everyday from day one and that's why their little girls leave them in...I say it doesn't matter! Some just don't like them from the very start.

Jeni said...

That last pic is to die for! hahaha! Lovin it!