Friday, January 14, 2011

survival mode

I thought about it last night and realized that my newborn picture-taking opportunities are quickly flying by.  Why is it that taking pictures have been on the back burner lately?  I think there are times when you enter "survival mode".  It's that little switch that turns on that allows you to throw cheerios at your toddler while you feed the baby.  That rationalizing voice saying, go ahead and throw that load of laundry on the floor for one more night. So, while I laid in bed contemplating about what I was going to accomplish today, I thought I would try and get some Maggie pictures taken even if there were cheerios all over the floor. 
But, newborn pictures are tricky. You've gotta catch that window when they aren't hungry, gassy, tired, or are trying burp; and then you've gotta position them just right.  And of course, once I finally had the chance to take some pictures, it wasn't one of those moments. Oh well, I took about 200 pictures with all different camera modes while Maggie cried. At least I got some practice, right?


Then she finally fell asleep... Now, I did take a ton of sleeping baby pictures.  Gosh, I love to watch her while she sleeps. So cute. Just wait until I catch that big Maggie smile. Oh, her smiles are so big! They make my day every single time. 


Mary Anne said...

Oh, survival mode. Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about! That second picture is so sweet Jess! I love it.

Jeni said...

Oh my stinkin cuteness!!!! Love these!! What an angel baby!