Monday, January 17, 2011

Pop's magic touch

I try to be one of those Moms who has their kiddos on a schedule.  I'm not talking about a super strict "you will do this at 7:35 am followed by this at 8:05" type schedule.  I'm just saying I like getting into a groove, a routine. Oh, I love me a good routine.  But my goodness I struggle with newborns at night. I try to keep little Maggie awake and stretch out her feedings so that we both can get some sleep! But when it's time to wake her up all I can do is whisper in her ear, "Maggie, sweetie, time to wake up". I do okay for a little while, but somehow no matter how hard I try I end up cuddling with her or rocking her instead of keeping her awake.  Tyler always makes fun of me when this happens... then I just hand her over- "Here you do it then!" 
Thank heavens Pop is around to fill in for a little while.  He is the master of entertaining babies and night-time schedules.  I got to give him props- it's pretty amazing.  We came to visit when Rachel was 6 weeks old and he told us to go to bed and he'd get Rachel to sleep through the night (he guaranteed 6 hours!).  Tyler and I rolled our eyes and quickly went to bed before he changed his mind.  But morning came and he did it, a full 6 hours. 
I love watching him talk to little Maggie.  She just zones in on his deep voice.  You can tell she is completely entranced.  I've listened in on a few of their conversations; they go everywhere from farts to world politics. And if that doesn't work, he dances with her.  A-mazing.  And you know what? Although Maggie is breastfed, she still sleeps 5-6 hours straight at night. I think it's just gotta be Pop's magic touch.    


Jeni said...

Nice to have a magic pap around, huh? Too cute!

Sutherland Family said...

Can I just say...I LOVE my brother! You are so lucky to have him for your dad...and now as the Pop for your beautiful children :).

Hey, just booked my flight! I'll see you in a few weeks!

Kate said...

That's adorable. People always talk about 'mom's magic touch' but I know dads have them too. Thanks for the posts and pictures. You're amazing!

MoniQuerida said...

Um, you look amazing for just having a baby! AND I love Daddy Barrow! He is the best. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!