Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trade or Treat

I had been looking forward to our ward's Fall Festival for weeks... for several reasons... to visit with people and eat yummy chili, but mostly to see how Rachel would like the whole "Halloween experience".  Plus, I couldn't wait to see how her costume, that I MADE! (well, the tutu and bows) turned out.  As you can see, I'm pretty proud of myself- I don't normally make those sort of things- but it was so easy, and hardly any sewing!  Thanks Meredith for showing me how it's done! (and for letting me copy your daughters costume! hehe)

I was so excited to see her reaction to the whole thing... Would she freak out? Would she try and start a fire? Would she want to stop and eat every piece of candy she was given?  Well... she didn't do any of that... instead she'd walk up to a trunk, say "tik teak", and then offer one of her candies for one of their's.  She was insistent.  She just had to bargain for the good stuff.  I tried to explain that it was all free, but she just kept trying to trade.  Well, it was either trade or grab and run, like she was getting away with something... (she does that a lot)...

our cute pumpkins


my little zebra!
She loved the jack-o-lanterns. Completely fascinated.  Even kissable.

She loves getting attention from the older girls at church.  You can just see it in her eyes... already her role-models




Halloween is exhausting!  Thank goodness for Nana's who come to the rescue and chase down crazy little zebras. ;)


Mary Anne said...

Oh my cuteness!!! That is adorable. Soooo adorable! Love the zebra with the tutu. Man Jess good job! And that is hilarious that she would trade. Love that.

Devin said...

she is way too cute! you did incredible with the costume too. love ya!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! tooo cute! :) And how fun! It sounds like y'all had an amazing Halloween! And GREAT job on the costume! :)

Sutherland Family said...

That cute little girl ALWAYS has a smile on her face!! And she looked so proud of her costume. I'm way impressed with your craftiness!What a fun night! I hope the chili was good :). We had our ward party tonight (actually it was tri-ward) with chili, and Mark was one of the judges. He didn't like any of them :(. But trunk or treating was the best! Jayce got tons of candy so he won't be bummed to miss trick or treating tomorrow. We're having about 500 people over for dinner (well, 16, but right now it feels like 500). It will be great! I'm glad you had a fun day! love you!

Shelley said...

Oh my goodness, her costume is so cute. I can't believe you made that!

Caitlin (& Billy) said...

oh. my. goodness! I just made billy read this whole post because it is so dang cute. Love it!!

Unknown said...

Rachel is adorable!! I love her costume! I hope all is going well with you and Tyler and Rachel!