Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's always the free stuff

We went to the Houston Zoo today.  And the thing Rachel loved the most was the flock of pigeons by the front gate.  Sometimes I wonder why we go anywhere.  

A lady gave Rachel a cracker to feed the ducks-- little did she know she was really feeding my baby. I love the big bite mark in the cracker. 
Goat- look me in the eye when I'm talking to you! haha


Mary Anne said...

Cute! So true...we went to the fair and all Sadie wanted to do was run around and throw rocks. Niiiice. Love that goat picture. You are so hilarious Jess!

Jeni said...

Amazing how you can even make the zoo look fantastic!! Sooooo cute!!! BTW, thanks so much for letting Tools come bring the van! We love it & appreciate your sweet sacrifice!!!

Lots & lots of Love,
Bart, Jeni, Jesi, Brian, & Chelsea

Kate said...

I love the Houston Zoo! I have found memories of teaching my psuedo-nephew how to chase the pigeons. How fun to be a mom! How long are ya'll in Houston? I'm headed that way shortly.

Shelley said...

So true! Last time we went Maddie just wanted to go on the train (which, I guess isn't free, but it's cheap). At least they are amused by the small things!