Friday, October 29, 2010

It FINALLY happened!

I have been dieing for this to happen, and it finally did!  It was like 65 degrees this morning, and boy was it heavenly. Rachel and I had a great time playing at the park. Even though she totally stole my apple! haha. Notice she's wearing PANTS in these pictures. yes, pants! So exciting. I love fall. :)




Josh and Jill said...

It's been cooling down here too and I LOVE it!! The kids have been asking for their jackets, and all of our winter clothes have disapeared. I've torn my house apart trying to find them. I hope they didn't end up at the thrift store with all the stuff I got rid of after we moved!
Enjoy the nice weather!

Mary Anne said...

Well I'd say it's about time! Welcome Fall, glad you could join us :)

Jeni said...

What a CUTIE PIE!!