Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soccer has BEGUN!

My little girl is old enough to play youth sports! WOW! 
Rachel has been excited for this day for some time. Every night before bedtime she'd inform me that she wants to play soccer. 
She is getting big!
 photo DSC_0849_zpsa8b386bc.jpg
Crazy turkey... okay lets find your team...
 photo DSC_0864_zps0a8f5341.jpg
I tried to take pictures while I was across the field watching Miss Mags.  
I know this is just 3-4 year old soccer but I must say she did dang good! 
Kick that ball!!!
 photo DSC_0891_zpsd47dbdd2.jpg
This is going to be FUN and if I may say so... hiliarious.
Stay tuned.
 photo DSC_0883_zps63303b32.jpg


Anonymous said...

So FUN! She looks so cute and grown up out there! I'm sure she'll be MVP in no time!

Mary Anne said...

Oh for FUN!!! Excited to see how it all unrolls. :)

Unknown said...

Holy cuteness!!!! She looks awesome out there!