Sunday, January 29, 2017

Donuts,Cookies...... and Spaghetti!

Jake just want's people food. 
He has started to cry as soon as the baby food comes out.
Oh dear! hahaha!
I get my camera out ready to catch those smiles and boy are they hard!!! There's about 100 other photos of the ones you see below. He does NOT like to be interrupted when he's eating.
 photo DSC_7006_zpsuzgdynvj.jpg
The whole family gets involved! Hootin and howlerin!
Jake Jake Jake!!! Is that a yummy cookie?!?!?
 photo DSC_7027_zpsrj5fjli3.jpg
Pretty sure he likes it... hehe...
 photo DSC_7000_zpss0fdxvhw.jpg
So handsome!
 photo DSC_7052_zpslsm9frbr.jpg
On Saturdays if they kiddos are lucky we get them donuts.
It's heaven every time! 
I get lost in those eyes of his...
 photo Jake_zpspaadlmcd.jpg
My little thumb sucker...
 photo Jake1_zpsfwhh4foi.jpg
Spaghetti night this week was EPIC. 
The kid wouldn't stop crying until finally we realized he wanted the spaghetti. 
We plopped some on this tray and BAM! Now more crying. All business.
 photo DSC_8731_zpsjghd3fkd.jpg
I kept trying to get his attention for a picture...
Can't you see I'm busy???????
 photo DSC_8743_zpsd48wnt4q.jpg
Oh this baby boy. I love him.
I love him with cookies stuck down in his diaper, donut guts on this tummy, and spaghetti all over his face! I just LOVE HIM. I love this messy phase. It's the best. 
And we take a lot of baths. :) 
 photo DSC_8766_zpsv3vbyeda.jpg

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