Sunday, January 8, 2017

What Daddies Do Best

Boys need to be roughed up.
They just do. 
They long for it and hope for it! It's the main event of the day!
 photo DSC_4961_zpscsfomkzx.jpg
As soon as Tyler gets home Jake starts yelling and excitingly looking for Daddy...
 photo DSC_4962_zpsf2y7tdo7.jpg
Those Jake eyes...
 photo DSC_4973_zps1xvuoc3u.jpg
I may be good at cuddling and kissing owies... but I will NEVER surpass Daddy's wrestling and fighting skills.
 photo DSC_4974_zpslnjzezss.jpg
I just love this picture.
He loves his Daddy.
 photo DSC_4975_zpsqlh6eiww.jpg
MMMmmmmmm.... Babies taste so good.
 photo DSC_4976_zpsa8xhpvnw.jpg

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Josh and Denise said...

great. now all i want is more pictures. more. more. more.

i love your blog. i love your writing and pictures of everyday life.