Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lukeman is THREE!

Three... three years old... that still counts as a baby right? 
I'm saying yes. 
Okay, life can continue now. hehe

Luke turned 3 back in October. 
We keep birthdays simple around here... I mean we celebrate for sure, 
but we don't normally do big parties. 
We took the kids to the Big Top candy store down in Austin.
Super cool joint! Tons of old fashioned candies and lots of charm.
The kids had a blast choosing there poison. 
 photo blog12_zpsu63dycrv.jpg
Then I thought to myself... Luke is 3, Jake is 6 months... PICTURE TIME.
Let's get them dressed all cute and go to the park! 
So we did.
And NO ONE could get Jake to look at the camera.
Seriously Mom, dirt is so cool!
 photo blog_zpsb7dpv6fm.jpg
Dirt, grass, rocks... so much to do!!!
{as Mom continues to tell everyone to get out of the shot and try and get Jakes attention... no go}
 photo blog10_zpscmwjzley.jpg
Oh well, he's still fun to take pictures of even if he won't look... 
so bald! so chubby! so YUMMY! 
I just love him to pieces.
 photo blog9_zpsp0ewxlyq.jpg
Bright, beautiful, HAPPY BOY! 
Luke is happy 99% of the time. 
He loves cars.
His favorite color?? Ask him and he'll say cars.
Favorite food... also cars
Hey Luke, what did you do today?... you guessed it- cars. 
He cuddles me in the morning and won't let me leave his side after nap time. 
Seriously, I try to get up and he lays across my lap and holds me down. haha! 
And I love it.
 photo blog8_zpsjnqrj3mm.jpg
Those cheeks! 
And baby fingers. 
Seriously, I can't believe how much he has changed already. And I can't believe how sad that makes me feel! JEEZ.
 photo blog11_zps6flzhazv.jpg
Something about Luke that astounds me is his kindness. He has a kind heart like I've never seen.
He notices when people are sad and will try to help them. He is the best big brother EVER.
His love for Jake is seriously amazing. 
He hugs the girls when get home from school. (And is also super relieved when they leave for the day and he gets me all to himself... and jake of course) haha!
 photo blog6_zpsulmiwbua.jpg
Luke is also ALLLLL BOY. 
Cars. Balls. Guns. Dogs. Bugs.... and all his favorite things. 
He fights with his Daddy like the girls never did. It's crazy. And my girls can fight. 
He loves sprite, vanilla ice cream, chicken nuggets, pancakes... and all candy. 
 photo blog7_zpschcwd8vr.jpg
There's those eyes! Still not looking- but good enough .
I love this picture so much. 
Especially those dark eyes and that little bit of drool on his chin. {sigh...}
 photo Blog5_zpsv9wwmdhc.jpg
I see you Luke!!! And I caught that smile!!! 
 photo blog4_zpscs8qulz1.jpg
My boy... so handsome! Golly! 
 photo blog3_zpscwchesyh.jpg
Of course the birthday wouldn't be complete with a car cake that is CHOCOLATE! 
 photo blog2_zpsgaz4jwoz.jpg
Happy BIRTHDAY my Lukeman! I love you more than you'll ever know!
And you can stay three forever if you want. I won't mind.
 photo blog1_zps1nsv6zyb.jpg

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Glen and Kris Payne said...

Definitely some good looking boys :)