Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I would like to preface my thoughts with these words from Elder Uchtdorf:
One of my greatest strengths happens to also be one of my greatest weaknesses. 
That would be my drive and passion for goals.
I am one of those crazy people who HAS to run a marathon. I must! I want to know what it feels like, I want a slap on the butt and that t-shirt after crossing the finish line. 
Do I need to run a marathon to be considered an awesome human being? Certainly not.
But does it make me happy to work hard and accomplish something on my "awesome" list? Of course. Last question- Does running a marathon "matter most"? It makes me cringe a little, but NO... it does not matter most.

Many of you know that I'm extremely passionate about CrossFit. 
I dream about it, think about it, and do it. Constantly.
It's healthy and it's fun. 
I even went to some training and became a certified CrossFit level 1 Trainer and also completed a CrossFit Kids certification.
Go me. haha
It has brought me so much JOY to do these things and also to share them with my children.
But does it matter most?
No. Not at all.

I'm trying hard to find the words because I think every athlete has to find the "balance" when it comes to personal goals and family.
For me, I've recently learned that I've been sacrificing things that "matter most" with things that just don't. 
This is not to say that I've given up on my goals, but that's it time to reevaluate them. Change them. Schedule better times. Put them into perspective. And simplify them for a season.

These goals of mine will always be there- I've got nothing but time to achieve them. Years and years even!
But there are three little people- little blessings- that change and grow faster than I am able to keep track of! These little blessings move and groove all day long. They are learning left and right. And there are moments where I sit back and just stare at them- unable to understand how big they've become.
Where did the time go?

My Maggie! This look is perfect- the expression suits her personality flawlessly. 
She's beautiful, sweet, quirky, and a handful.
Can you see all that in one photo?
I can. 
 photo DSC_2468copy_zpseb1bd7b2.jpg
"Maggie smile!"
And this is what I get... haha...
 photo DSC_2466copy_zps85ddbd1f.jpg
Oh, there it is!!! That smile.
That lemonade mustache, ice cream sandwich Maggie smile!
Joy and light fill this picture up! It's beaming from her hair, eyes, cheeks, and mouth!
She's perfect.
 photo DSC_2467copy_zpsb2441440.jpg
This girl is growing up so fast. Kindergarten starts in two weeks.
I'm in mourning but also so very excited for her!
She's ready.
 photo DSC_2490copy_zpsbae84eec.jpg
Confidence. She's got it in spades.
She knows she's beautiful. She knows she smart. She knows she a daughter of God.
You can see it in her eyes. And I couldn't be prouder.
 photo DSC_2499copy_zpsf53b8d5c.jpg
Those words from Elder Uchtdorf radiate in this picture! 
They feel so good rolling of my tongue-
"Slow down. Focus on the significant. And truly see what matters most."
I think this pictures grabs that statement! Somewhere between Dixie's nose and Rachel's nose... haha!
 photo DSC_24771_zps7540201e.jpg
I've learned something so simple in these past few weeks and it brings me so much peace!
It's simply that the trials of this life are really blessings in disguise. 
Although trials are no fun, I truly believe that they've protected me and put me back on course.
The course of "things that matter most"
 photo DSC_2459copy_zps9d676739.jpg
And if you're wondering where Luke is- he was in bed when I shot these tonight! He "matters most" TOO!!! hahaha! But dang it, he needed to go to bed! :) 


Cami Jensen said...

Love this post! Obviously I don't have kids, but this is a good reminder for me feeling like I need to do everything right now. Thanks for that!

Pop and Nana said...

Some think that the "eternal perspective" is a trite expression, but you nailed it on such a personal level...and with such beautiful children to illustrate your feelings! We know that you "get it". Thanks for the wonderful reminder. Love ya!

Jeni said...

Simply. Wonderful. <3 <3

Glen and Kris Payne said...

I can always count on Jess to figure out the important things in life. You are amazing!!