Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cookie Monster!

These may be my favorite pictures of all time. 
Like ever.
Of all time.

Mmmmmm.... Momma this tastes good!!!
 photo DSC_1903_zps6f040d2b.jpg
Get it my MOUTH!!!!
 photo DSC_1927copy_zpsf70f3913.jpg
I don't know which is looks tastier- Luke or the cookie!
Definitely Luke.
 photo DSC_1936copy_zpsd7bd8791.jpg
Yummy in my tummy...
 photo DSC_1951copy_zps9e07809f.jpg
Here come the money shots---
 photo DSC_1974_zps8013d9f3.jpg
"Hey buddy, you like that cookie?"
 photo DSC_1975copy_zpse58eeb73.jpg
First chocolate chip cookie and Luke is a fan!!!
 photo DSC_1980_zps2f89111a.jpg
 photo DSC_1985copy_zps33316a3d.jpg
Sheer and utter cuteness.
Like I said- favorite of all time.


Glen and Kris Payne said...

Can I lick him off!!! What a cutie!

Josh and Denise said...

Handsome little man! Love love LOVE these!