Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dixie Gets a Bath

That look!!! hahaha!
Momma save me!!! 
And yep, we used baby wash--- the book I read (yes, I read a book! haha!) said it works well.
 photo DSC_2505copy_zps088cd2fb.jpg
I know you hate this Dixie, but you STINK!
 photo DSC_2517copy_zps0026585e.jpg
We love our puppy!
 photo DSC_2530copy_zps6af6c30e.jpg
Drying time... Dixie liked this part...
 photo DSC_2534copy_zps6e086282.jpg
As soon as we let her go, she went a hid under the slide. 
In case you're wondering... Do I still like the dog?
Yes I do! 
She's a good puppy and I'm excited to take a Dog Manners 101 class with her! Should be interesting!
And boy she is getting big fast!!! WOOOooooo!
 photo DSC_2539copy_zpsfa358b29.jpg

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