Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dahlia Cafe- A Hill Country Treasure

Daddy took his girls out to dinner a couple of weekends ago. It was ah-mazing!
I discovered this place called "Dahlia's Cafe" while Tyler was gone and just HAD to show him how awesome it is! 
It's got kind of a small, down-home, even "redneck" sort of atmosphere with live music and the most amazing heart clogging food and even a playground for the kids.

Rachel, the climber...
 photo DSC_6254_zps754eff08.jpg
What a goof-ball!
 photo DSC_6259_zps59f9bf11.jpg
The cutest goof-ball I know!
 photo DSC_6260_zps373aff14.jpg
Just a pretty picture... love the light and that sweet smile...
 photo DSC_6276_zpsb2b13d1a.jpg
While Mommy was sitting outside listening to music and drinking a well deserved Coke, Maggie found the lipgloss. That girl and lipgloss! I let her put it on herself... we're still working on staying on the lips...
 photo DSC_6279_zps3ff79f45.jpg
Yep, she's definitely Maggalious!!!
 photo DSC_6280_zps7724732c.jpg
Of course the girls took center stage and danced the night away. There had to be at least fifty people sitting around and no-one else on the dance floor. For Rachel that is like heaven! All eyes on her! haha!
 photo DSC_6294_zpsd274d120.jpg
Daddy went out there and spun his little Rachel around a bit too! 
I love being a family.
The End.
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