Monday, September 9, 2013

"A Few of the Things I Love About My Man"

Dear Tyler, 
Happy 7th Anniversary! I am so happy that we get to spend it together. I know you love blog posts so here goes one- just for you. It's mushy, but you'll get over it. ;) 

"A Few of the Things I Love About My Man"
  • I love that you would do absolutely anything to make me happy. You have proven that statement time and time again.
  • I love your big lips. I hope our son gets them too!
  • I love your powerful testimony.
  • I love that you are my Airborne Ranger.
  • I love that you wrote me every day of Ranger School. I know there's no way you had time or even the sanity.
  • I love that you sent me roses on June 22 a few years back forgetting that my birthday is really July 22. I couldn't stop laughing. You are such a boy.
  • I love how you fight and wrestle your babies every single day and they love you for it.
  • I love how if I ask for a foot massage, you always deliver.
  • I love how you learned how to make the BEST biscuits just because you know how much I love biscuits and honey on Sunday mornings. I look forward to it every.single.week.
  • I love how Rachel punched you in the mouth the other day and when your lip started bleeding you looked at Rachel and said, "AWESOME! You made my lip bleed! That was a great punch!". A flood of relief just swept over her face! haha!
  • I also love how Rachel walked up to you the other day, hit you in the stomach and said, "I love you Dad." You are rough with your girls and they are rough with you, and you all love it. 
  • I love how you looked at me in the Celestial room before bringing me into the sealing room to get married for time and all eternity. I was so terrified, but that look made me remember that I was marrying the perfect man for me. 
  • I love how you hold onto my belly at night and chuckle every time you feel our boy kick. 
  • I love how you think I'm beautiful and tell me every day. Even if I am 9 months pregnant. 
  • I love how you've built storage cubbies, shelves, our beautiful kitchen table and benches, lockers, and gorgeous bunk-beds for the girls. You are the ultimate build-it, fix-it man.
  • I love how Maggie shows you her dress when you gets home and you always make a big deal about how beautiful it is. Even if it's inside out and has peanut butter and applesauce smeared all over it. :)
  • I love you how you think my job of being a Mommy is the best thing in the world. You provide a wonderful life for us girls so I can be at home with them. You've taught me how important it is, and you treat it we such respect. This makes my heart feel so full! What an amazing man you are!
  • I love how sexy you are. Did I just say that? Yes- yes I did. 
  • I love that I can send you off to training or across the world to fight a war and I know you'll come home the faithful, honorable husband I married. 
  • I love that you make all my dreams come true. Sounds silly, but it's completely true. Its a wonderful world to make up in and realize that anything is possible with your best friend. 
  • I love that we make stinkin' adorable BABIES.
And those are just a few of the MANY things I love about you. 

Your Woman- Jess Payne

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