Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where I Come From- It's in your genes

Rachel and Maggie,
I just want you girls to know that your Daddy is an absolute stud.  He has always had a passion for sports.  Growing up with 10 kids in the family, sports wasn't in the budget or even in the timeline for that matter.  However Tyler persisted- he just had to play.  After a year of begging and pleading, Mom and Dad Payne finally caved in. After that he's been the Judo state champion three years in a row, varsity football player as a sophomore, and a state qualifier in wrestling. 
Everywhere he goes he is the guy to beat. With 8 brothers you know there's a lot of wrestling going on, and lets just say that Tyler's on top. He can beat them all, sometimes 2 at a time! He was known for his wrestling in the Corps at A&M, at basic training, and at Ranger school. {okay, that's enough bragging I guess... some of you are probably starting to yawn- but remember, this is for my babies!}                        
 He smokes everyone. Period. 
(and your Momma ain't too shabby either! hehe) 
So you may not get the artsy fartsy gene or the musical gene, but you better believe you've got the competitive gene
Just so you know.

   There he is! Daddy the stud...
 I love to look at the opponents face... haha, he's so finished! 
Isn't he cute?  Can't you see so much of Maggie is his face? I can.

Senior year

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