Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"A Maggie"

So it seemed like everything went wrong during this photo shoot.  I didn't realize until about half-way through that my white balance and ISO were off, and Rachel literally fell in a pond.  Yes, I just said that Rachel fell in a pond. Good Grief.

I was so anxious to get out of the car and set up all the wonderful ideas in my mind that I forgot to calm down and realize that this is suppose to be fun! It was everything trying to take pictures of a one year is... hard, squiggly, squirmy, and always on the move.
Oh and how I love this one year old of mine.

Have you ever heard of this old year I speak of? Yes that's the one! I'm talking about Maggie Ila Payne. What is "A Maggie" you ask? Well, I'll tell you...
"A Maggie" is every good moment.
Her smiling eyes are like playing in the rain. 
The shape of her mouth is like picking all the cookie dough's out of the Blue Bell ice cream container. 
Those blue eyes are like a long day out on the lake fishing with Dad.
Her strawberry hair is like the feeling of the ball hitting the bat in just the right spot.
That fair baby skin is like a slow dance with your best friend.
All in all... "A Maggie" is the thing that gets me through my days. 
(that and another little something called "A Rachel")

I know that was way corny. But, I like corny. ;) That is simply the best way I know how to describe my Maggie girl. She is my calm place, the "roo" to my "kanga".  I just can't imagine life without her. 

I want to make a bazillion more of these banners now! Too much fun! 
The girl is always trying to get that bow off her head. Jeez Louise! However, I think I came out pretty victorious considering...   
   Maggie and her Lamb... She loves that thing! It suits her.  
I just can't get over how drop dead GORGEOUS this girl is!  Seriously, that smile! And those eyes! The shape of her face and her fuzzy strawberry hair! I'm in love. Obviously. 
    Rachel and the pond.  Like a match to a flame. {sigh}

The crinkle nose.  hehe. 
After a while she paused for a moment and got this look on her face like... "where should I run to now?", making sure that crazy Mommy was still behind her with that black box thingy... haha, I love this look! 
This is my FAVORITE!!! 
"I can smile too Mommy!"   

squiggly, squirmy, always on the move!
haha, I love the one of her standing up... It's hard for any girl to get up in a mini-skirt!   
"Lollipop, Lollipop, oh lo lo lollipop!"
My secret weapon.    
Happy Campers... I was hoping to get some good expressions outta this one, but it took way too much concentration, haha.  
    The two things that get my through the day... 


Pop and Nana said...

Happy First Birthday to Pop's little snickerdoodle! She makes me hungry for a snickerdoodle double doozie from the cookie store!

Tyler and Jess said...

This blog post got me through the day. I love you girls so much.

Mary Anne said...

You would never know from the pictures that things didn't go smoothly!! They are lovely! Those are two cute cute girls you have there. The outfits are too fun. That banner is awesome! I'd say even with the pond incident it was still a success :)