Monday, August 15, 2011

a sad story

Remember how I said I should have been a farmer? 
Well, I take it back.  

It was doing so good.  There's something about corn...  it's so tall, so big! It makes me feel so proud.  So proud in fact that I used it as our family picture backdrop.   
   And now it's so dead.  That's right, all that hard work, all that water and not a single cob (cob, husk, corn thing-a-ma-bober... whatever the right word is).  I told you this was a sad story. I couldn't tell you what happened.  I think it was some sort of disease that makes them all mushy, almost like they got attacked by worms.  I also attribute this failure to the Texas heat.  The Dallas/Fort Worth area experienced 40 days straight of triple digit weather with no rain! This is not summer people, it's a season I like to call HEdoublehockeysticks! Nothing but hot and dry.  Talk about rubbing lots of lotion into my heels.     
Although the corn suffered, the rest of the garden did alright.  Especially the squash!  We were up to our eyeballs in that stuff. 
And it looks like a watermelon is coming! 
So, I guess it wasn't a complete failure.  But still sad.  Oh so sad. Every time I see corn on the cob at the store I can't help but let out a big long sigh. 
There's always next year. I think I'll stick with Plan A for a bit longer though.  


Anonymous said...

Sad! Darn that Texas heat!! But good thing you still got some good out of your garden! :)

Shelley said...

I can barely keep my lawn alive in this heat, so I'm impressed that you had all that stuff from your garden. That's great!

Mary Anne said...

Oh noooooo! That really is a sad story. So sad! Darn heat. But you know what, just the other day, like it happened overnight or something, our garden looks like it wilted or got some disease or moldy or something crazy like that. All our tomato plants are dying. These gardens are tricky sometimes. Can't always help what happens to them. But I hope you are enjoying the rest of your vegetables! And a watermelon! Hooray! Just about my favorite summer food.

Unknown said...

Jessica I'm so sad for you :( It got so tall and everything! How could it not finish and grow?? Are you going to try again next year? I hope so! Hey, I will say the other vegetables look awesome! Homegrown vegetables don't always look pretty, but those definitely do :)