Friday, August 12, 2011

her big girl bed

I finally found one! Yes, a toddler bed. This one was the right price, but needed a little work.  So, my handy man husband sanded her down and put on a fresh coat of paint, and now she's as good as new! 

Tyler brought the bed in and Rachel knew it was just for her. She was so overwhelmed all she could say was, "Daddy made my bed! Daddy made my bed!". She walked around saying that all day, and I can't lie, it made me walk a little taller every time she said it. I did good, and I loved how grateful she was to her Daddy.  It was so much fun watching her jump on it and cuddle with her teddy bears. She wouldn't let anyone else come near her bed. I usually enforce the sharing rule, but not this time.  I think there should be a few things that are all yours and that you don't have to share.  I don't know, what do you think? Anyway, bedtime has always been tricky with Rachel, especially when we travel, so I was happy that she liked it. And I certainly didn't mind that she was a bit possessive... Yes it's yours!!! Now, go to sleep! haha! :)     


Aaron & Mely said...

It's cute and I agree with having certain things that are just theirs! I think that lets them know that they can share but that they have their own too. E had the same bed. He loved it when we transfered him to it. I didn't even noticed but Aaron was reading him a book that the little bear grew out of his bed and they papa bear took thim to the woods to make his big boy bed, all while we were on the process from transfering to a big boy bed. ha! it's fun to see how excited they get. :0)

Anonymous said...

YAY! How exciting!! :) A big girl bed all her own! I'm sure she's in heaven (and hopefully sleeping)!! She's getting so big and beautiful! Miss y'all!!

Mary Anne said...

Oh I totally agree with the "That's just yours" thing. We're all about sharing around here, but there are certain special things that you have a right to take ownership of! Good luck I hope she sleeps like a baby tonight! I love the side rail to help her stay in...Sadie has had to learn how to stay on her bed the hard way...and even last week I'm pretty sure she fell out in the middle of the night. But YAY for big girl beds!

Sale Fails said...

What a heartwarming little anecdote! It is hers-all hers! :)