Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ice Cream Truck

You know that tune that all ice cream trucks play? My Dad used to tell me that tune meant that all the ice cream trucks are out of ice cream and they're going home for the day.

  He is the king of outlandish, crazy stories.  And I, I believed every single one of them. 

Every time he would fart he'd say, "Man, those rocky mountain barking spiders are all over the place!". I was amazed!  How did they get all the way down to Houston? 
He always played up the Santa Claus bit.  I'm pretty sure I believed in Santa Claus until I was sixteen. 
Every time I had a cookie, he'd point at the wall behind me and say, "Look a spider!".  I'd look and turn back to find a big chunk of my cookie missing.  

Tyler hasn't quite mastered the art yet.  That's okay though because I'm pretty sure we won't have to worry about ice creams trucks when we get back to Weatherford.  Plus, we're on vacation, at least that's what I'm calling "training" these days.   

Which one wins?

Ah yes, the pink one. Sundae crunch.    
Look at that concentration.  Don't drop it! 
Now I know what all you people are talking about when you say not to tell your children to say cheese... Holy cow, it looks strenuous...  
That headband mysteriously found itself in our cart has we were walking out of Target.  I have to watch that girl, she likes to throw things in the cart when I'm not looking.  However, I think this headband suits her, and I was too lazy to go back in and return it.  Luckily, it was only 2 bucks.  There's something about this picture... Rachel is always carrying around a flower, and she frequently gives them to me.  I love them all, even the weeds.  
We love to share!  As long as Daddy only gets a little bit. haha. 


Pop and Nana said...

Daddy takes the fifth amendment on all comments made on this blog today. As the Mommy I will tell you that the Daddy is the mess!!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I don't know if I'd trust our neighborhood ice cream truck...the guys who work it seem kind of creepy, it's called "Phat Daddy's Ice Cream" haha. But I'm glad you guys enjoy yours!!

William said...

Grandma wants a bite!! - and a kiss

Mary Anne said...

Of course the pink one wins! And I love how she seems to be monitoring how big of a bite daddy got...too cute. Love her headband. She has good taste at least :)

Sutherland Family said...

Your dad is the best!! What a lucky girl you are! Now you have youngins to pass the craziness down to! Good thing your mom kept things respectable :). Beautiful pictures by the way...and who knew how hard it was to say "cheese". Glad you're all together right now!!