Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guess What?

hahahaha. I crack myself up.

Rachel and I began a little project last week! YES, we're gonna hatch ourselves some chicks! We had fun checking the chicken coop every few hours for warm eggs.  I even got to watch a chicken lay a egg.  Have you ever seen a chicken lay an egg?  Lets just say I'm glad I'm not a chicken. :)

Move out of the way chicken! What you got hiding under there?  

Thats what I thought! Fresh eggs. 

The girls running out to check for excited...

Here's hoping some of these little guys hatch... 

Let the countdown begin!  14 days left.. give or take...


Cari said...

I'm excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo! That'll be so fun!! :) I hope they hatch!!

Mary Anne said...

How fun! I remember we did this in like 4th grade but everyone's chicks died. Sad day! I think it's because we marked our eggs with permanent marker? I don't know...but it was sad. This is so fun. Dusty and I want chickens one day!